Ashley & Marcus’ Engagement Session | Palm Coast, Florida

It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for fellow high school sweethearts, but hearing Ashley and Marcus tell us about their relationship only made us remember how truly special a bond like that is. It’s like one day you’re 14 or 15 and somehow you make a decision that you’ll actually live with forever – but in some cases – it’s the smartest decision you’ve ever made! We’re a rare kind, we should have a club or something 😉 After so many years, most of us don’t even remember where our first date was….. Was it Chilis? Or was it the movies? *shrugs* These two sure do remember their proposal though, in Hawaii! We’ll tell you all about in this blog, almost like it’s coming straight from the source! 😉

We started their session in a pretty park setting, it almost looked like a rainforest with trees all around, bright colors and then we stumbled upon lakes, gazebos and bridges, oh my! Their first outfit was k-i-l-l-e-r. With professional hair and makeup done, Ashley rocked a black romper and boots and Marcus a button down and slacks. I always tell my brides to do their wedding day beauty trial the day of their photos so they can see how their hairstyle and makeup will last throughout the day with the Florida heat, but Ashley already knew that since she’s a professional Makeup Artist and Esthetician (shameless plug, I know.) Seeing as I trust all my brides with Ashley, it just had to be said! We actually met doing a wedding together and it’s honestly one of the biggest compliment to be trusted with a fellow “friendor”‘s wedding. It’s an honor we don’t take lightly either!

We made our way around the park just in time for a quick change and a sunset at the beach! Their second round of outfits were on point! We popped some champagne in celebration of their July wedding – which was, you guessed it, a postponement from 2020. Even though they weren’t married in November of 2020 like they had planned, when Ashley contacted me to reschedule she said “eh, I’ve waited like 10 years already, what’s another 8 months?” and that really stuck out to me. Ashley’s attitude about it has been unlike many others. She seemed to just be thankful for her soon to be marriage over all else. So many couples were affected by COVID and had their plans ruined, but these two are rolling with the punches and just making the most of planning their wedding and enjoying being engaged. It truly shows their bond and the strength of their relationship. Plus that bonus time to plan an even better wedding!

We caught the most amazing cotton candy sunset – and what’s better then a pretty sunset, on the beach, with a bottle of champagne and the one you love most? I really can’t think of anything that tops that! The perfect way to end an amazing afternoon, and the fun is only getting started! #TaylorsTakeOff

We cannot WAIT to see you two become Mr. & Mrs. Taylor in July….but until then…. we’ll leave you with a little *surprise* 😉

xoxo Jenn & Mike

Hair |Mane Event Artistry
Makeup | Beauty by Ashley

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