Carly & Taylor | University of Central Florida Engagement Session

Carly & Taylor are an impressive duo. We finally got to meet them last week at their engagement session! They chose to have their session at UCF because that’s where they would become friends and go to school together. Carly, a dental student and biology major, and Taylor, an Engineering student, both love math, science, and puzzles, and it is actually kind of HOW they met! A church group at UCF had a halloween party and the game was guessing how many candy corn were in a jar. Since they were in school for biology and engineering, they both were fairly confident in themselves getting the right answer by figuring out the volume, etc. Taylor actually won the game by guessing the closest number but it wouldn’t be in true hopeless romantic style if Taylor didn’t give that prize to Carly.

Their first official date involved Chick fil a (these are my kind of people!) and seeing Moana in theaters (Carly’s favorite movie, which she may or may not had already seen 4 or 5 times prior to this lol!) At first, there was no intention of that being a date at all, but it’s funny how those things work out, isn’t it?  They ended their movie date by Carly asking Taylor if he would hold something for her, that’s when she took his hand and smiled. If you know Taylor, you know he is a sentimental guy. He’s the guy who saves the movie stubs and has a place in his room for every gift Carly has ever given him, so you know that last line was right up his alley. He makes sure Carly knows she’s loved and makes sacrifices to ensure her happiness. And Carly? She’s a selfless and optimistic person who is always trying to take care of others. Whether it’s making sure Taylor, her friends or family are taken care of or volunteering to help out those less fortunate, Carly is always thinking about others and what she can do for them.

Taylor proposed on Christmas Eve in front of all their family in person and via Facetime. He acknowledged Carly’s family for always treating him like their own and told them he would love to make that official. *collective aww* Carly told us her family absolutely adores Taylor, which is always a good sign of a great marriage 🙂

Carly and Taylor love going to games, theme parks, the beach or just out volunteering. They are beach bums through and through, but most importantly they just love being present with each other.  There’s no denying these two are made for each other. Our time with them went by so quickly but we so enjoyed every moment of it. Watching them talk about their relationship and each other was heartwarming and it’s an honor of ours to be able to see their journey continue as they get married this December!

Carly & Taylor, we are so very excited for you and we cannot wait for your wedding! xoxo Jenn & Mike

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