Chantal & Nick’s Engagement Session – Safety Harbor, Florida

Chantel knew from the very first date that Nick was the one she wanted to marry. She said they talked for hours and it just felt right, I guess when you know, you know! JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0085.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0092.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0083.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0081.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0082.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0088.jpg Nick’s daughter, Hailey, joined us for their engagement session Sunday. When you get married, you get a new spouse, but in this case, you also get a step-daughter which is pretty cool if you ask me. Hailey and Chantal seem like the best of friends, you can tell these three have a ton of fun together. They laughed and giggled the entire session and we even found a turtle, that Nick named Billy. We saw dolphins in the water too! JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0100.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0094.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0101.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0095.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0098.jpg Nick proposed at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo and where our session was originally supposed to take place. Due to COVID, they close early so we had to change our location last minute. The Plan B location wasn’t half bad, huh? 😉 JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0102.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0097.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0079.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0080.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0096.jpg Getting to know all 3 of them this weekend was a blast and I’m happy despite everything going on in the world, we were able to finally meet outside of an email!!! I cannot wait for your November wedding! Thanks for making me laugh 🙂 JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0077.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0087.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0104.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0093.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0091.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0078.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0086.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0084.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0103.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0105.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0090.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0089.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0075.jpg JENNIFERNICOLEPHOTOGRAPHYFL_0076.jpg

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