Devon & Toby | Winter Park Engagement Session

Devon & Toby are probably the most fun people you will ever meet! When Devon contacted me for their engagement photos and said they wanted 70% nice and 30% silly, I was definitely looking forward to their session, haha. From start to finish they brought the heat and didn’t for a moment disappoint (I still don’t believe they’ve never had photos taken before, but I guess I’ll take their word for it LOL).

Toby said he wasn’t a fan of photos and Devon said he’s never purposefully smiled for a camera in his life (which she then said is a lie lol). But by the end of the session, he admitted he actually had fun and wasn’t expecting to. 10/10 compliment right there!

Devon & Toby met at a concert. They both went alone and almost didn’t go at all. She went to the bar to order food before the show started, and he turned to her and asked, “is this where we wait for food?” They hit it off right from there! Food is always the way to a girl’s heart, am I right?! They spent all night together and then hours on the phone the following day, and here they are now – engaged and ready to be married!

One of my favorites things to ask my couples is to describe the one another and what they love most about one other, so obviously you will need a Kleenex for the next paragraph:

Toby about Devon: “I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to describing Devon. She’s the most loving and caring human I have ever met. She’s the person that stops to help the turtle get to where it’s going. She will pick up a snail and move it from a sidewalk. She has endless patience with the little ones (our dogs, cats, and my 5 year old have all but forgotten I exist thanks to her selfless love she bestows upon them.) The very thought of her brings a smile to my face. A day out at a theme park is just as fulfilling as a day spent home doing chores, because she has the ability to bring joy to any situation. She is a self-described plant: sunlight and water quite literally help her thrive and grow. Every morning I leave for work to a note from her. Every day I come home to a welcome note on our dry-erase board. Devon is also the queen of memes. She loves sending them to me, tagging me in them, writing them down and hiding them around the house. Anything to get a laugh and smile out of people. Honestly, if I were to make a list of things Devon couldn’t do or wasn’t good at, it would be an empty list. Trying to describe Devon is without a doubt the most difficult thing I could ever think of, as no words can do her justice. Devon is the best of humanity, anyone that meets her would certainly agree.”

Devon about Toby: “Toby is the smartest, funniest, quick wittiest, most kind, patient, and caring person that I have ever and will ever meet. He has such an open mind and is always looking to learn new things about the world around him both past and present. I can sit and listen to him talk about literally anything and learn something new every time. He is my biggest supporter in all things. He is always encouraging me to grow bigger and be authentically me. He reminds me so regularly that I am loved, smart and important. I am still surprised regularly at the depths of his personality and mind and the things he just KNOWS how to do. I love that I can’t just figure him out. He is the closet thing to home in the form of a person that there could be. I’m usually super good with words and he is the only one of the few things I struggle to describe accurately. I often tell him that not enough good words exist to describe him ๐Ÿ™‚ Also he’s pretty handsome so there is that lol.”

*crying emoji*

Devon & Toby, we are so excited to see where life takes the two of you. Your bright personalities are a breath of fresh air and we had the best time hanging out with you. Somehow 2.5 hours didn’t feel like enough! Congratulations on your engagement!

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