Linda & Andrew | Rainy Florida Beach Engagement

The day started with an email “The weather looks great!” ….then I realized my app was looking at another part of the state. *face palm* The weather showed bad thunderstorms in the area we were having our session. The odds dropped a bit later in the day, so we decided to chance it.

Linda & Andrew have a long distance relationship, she lives in Jersey and Andrew lives down here in Florida. Linda was in town so we didn’t have much time to reschedule. The sun came out for a hot minute but was soon followed by dark clouds and storms. They were such troopers, walking and dancing in the rain like nothing in the world mattered besides each other. I even got to use my clear Kate Spade umbrella, finally! The park had a cute area filled with bushes and trees and bright colors, which y’all know is my fav! I loved that we were able to take advantage of the greenery and the beach all in one spot.

Linda wore such a pretty pink dress and then changed into an off the shoulder white floral dress. Both were perfect for the wind we encountered that night!

They will be married in St. Augustine with possible plans for Linda to make the move down permanently!

Linda & Andrew, thank you so much for letting me take your engagement photos, we had so much fun with you, even in the pouring rain 😉 Congratulations on your engagement!

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