Megan & Brian | Orlando Proposal

I mean honestly, what can I even say about this proposal? It was perfection. Brian had reached out to me to photograph this day and I couldn’t have been more honored! With help from their friend Stacey, Brian was able to pull off the surprise of a lifetime for sweet Megan. I’ve done plenty of proposals in my time, but this one takes the cake for me.
…and in case you were wondering y’all….she said yes! 😉

Doesn’t Megan’s face say it all? She was adamant they’d get engaged on their upcoming trip, and wasn’t expecting a thing for Valentine’s Day! Stacey and Andre, Brian and Megan’s friends, had suggested they go out to dinner for Stacey’s birthday. Since Stacey & Andre got married at Four Seasons, it wasn’t out of the blue to have dinner there. What Megan didn’t know was it wasn’t for Stacey’s birthday at all (or maybe just a little bit!) it was all for her surprise proposal! What a great friend to share a birthday weekend! I met S&A before their arrival to go over the plan, Stacey would show them around the venue and point out the places they did each part of their wedding. As they approached the middle of the walkway lined with palm trees, they suggested taking photos of each other. Stacey took some photos of them and then said “Say Happy Birthday!” and there went Brian down on one knee. “Are you #^%*&%%[email protected]#&^ serious?!?!?” Megan yelled, and looked at her friends and realized this was not a dream.

We were able to get in a quick session before their dinner reservation, and my goodness did they kill it! Brian sported a dapper gray suit and Megan rocked the heck out of that royal blue jumpsuit!! She did say she wished she would have blow dried her hair, but I think she looked gorgeous anyway! We ended their session inside on a stunning staircase where we witnessed yet another proposal!!! I think those staircase photos were my favorites from the day. You really get to see how gorgeous Megan’s eyes are, which were still lit up with excitement of her new engagement ring. I mean, who can blame her!

A beautiful day for two amazing people! To think there was a possibility of rain, but the sun came out and the sky cleared up just in time. Mike and I were so thankful to have shared this special day with you guys, we couldn’t be more excited for your next chapter in life. Congratulations Brian and Megan!!! <3

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