Rebekah & Leslie | Florida Springs Engagement Session

Rebekah & Leslie had beautiful weather for their engagement session Friday! We met at Gemini Springs and explored the park together. We learned about how they met through Rebekah’s sister a few years ago. Leslie proposed with a ring made by Rebekah’s father! It’s always so special when family plays a role in such a special event. We love knowing the history behind the ring, especially when it has great meaning to the couple!

Leslie and Rebekah loved the nose-to-nose and Leslie was skeptical of the nuzzle haha. I mean, most guys are, but they learn to love it. 😉 We use every session to feel out the couple’s personalities and use what they tend to like more often, so we of course used it more often to get those genuine giggles. 😀

I love the way they complimented each other’s outfits. The cream dress paired with the red button down really gave a pop of color, and we all know ya girl loves some color!!! When Rebekah changed into the white dress (which she looked like she just came off the runway in, am I right?!) it made the red pop even more. I have to admit, red has never been one of my favorite colors to photograph but Leslie definitely changed my mind!

We had so much fun learning about how Rebekah’s son loves baseball, just like Mike. They were supposed to go to Cooperstown last year but couldn’t, thanks to COVID. Even though we’re from New York, we’ve never been to Cooperstown, but it’s on the bucket list! I have a feeling Mike will have a new fantasy baseball friend in the near future haha.

As we were leaving the park, we came across a guy with a squirrel on his shoulder. It was so weird but a funny way to end our night! Especially after some of the questionable warning signs the park had to offer LOL.

Rebekah and Leslie will be married this winter at Granville Farms and we are so excited for them!!!

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