Washington Oaks Engagement | Caitlin & Mike

I remember our initial meeting with Caitlin & Mike last year before they booked us, and Caitlin was very excited for pretty trees for their engagement photos. Right away, I knew the perfect place to get Caitlin the look she so desired – Washington Oaks! The day has come and Caitlin got her tree!! It was great to finally meet them for real this time! We actually ran into them at a restaurant in Disney Springs a few weeks ago, but that 4 second hug hello doesn’t count!

The weather was PERFECT! The day before, it had poured, and I was so worried we would have to reschedule, but the sun came out and brought a little bit of a breeze, which is the perfect Florida weather. Caitlin & Mike came READY and even did a little at-home photo shoot to get my opinion on their outfits. If you’re wondering how to quickly become some of my favorite people – this is how! I LOVE being able to give outfit advice! Outfit choice can truly make or break your images, so I am so happy when I get to help with that!

Not only that, they did such a good job of following directions! Some couples get nervous when it comes to posing, but these two caught on super quick! They were truly up for anything – from helping me find the perfect rose for a ring shot, to letting me use her dress for a few more ring shots. Even walking what felt like a mile in soft sand to the rocks on the beach – when I asked if they were up for some beach photos, Mike was barefoot and had his pant legs were rolled up in no time πŸ˜‚ We wound up getting kicked off the beach within minutes of being there, but it was worth it!

When I asked Caitlin & Mike how they met and started dating, she told me that after meeting a few times, Mike threw a can of Pringles at her and told her she wouldn’t be a “single Pringle” much longer. Talk about a pick up line!! πŸ˜‚ I really think they need Pringle favors at the wedding haha. πŸ˜›

These two are incredible people, and they have already made me feel like a friend rather than a wedding vendor. Caitlin is the bride that participates in all my lame Instagram polls and replies to all my stories (you the real MVP β™₯️ ). I had SO much fun (minus the bug bites haha) and we are SOOO looking forward to your wedding this November!!!! (Especially for Mike’s watch photos πŸ˜‚ )

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