What to wear for your photo session!

Having photos taken for any occasion can be very intimidating or overwhelming for most people, let along adding in the stress of what to wear! Today I’m going to share some tips on how to look and feel your best for your photos.


1. Dress for the weather and location!

Dressing for the type of weather is so important and a little self-explanatory. In Florida, it’s almost always hot, so wearing jeans and a sweater may not be the best of ideas. For women, wearing a dress or jeans and a light top will have you sweating less and you’ll be more comfortable. For guys, wearing a heavy button up or multiple layers will kill you in this heat. Sweating for photos can make you feel and look distressed in photos. Go for the light-weight, light colored, short sleeve button up if you have the option! And the same goes for the 2 weeks a year that it’s freezing here! Those are the days to take advantage of your best sweater weather outfits!



2. Wear what makes you most comfortable!

You look best when you feel the best. Wearing clothes that you’re comfortable in can make all the difference. This also goes for wearing clothes that are most flattering for your body type. If you are shorter and petite, an oversized shirt will make you look bigger than you really are. If you have an insecurity of some sort (we all do, or is that just me?) wear something you feel is flattering for that area you aren’t most comfortable with. When you feel confident and beautiful, your smile sings a different tune! Highlight your best assets! While we’re on the topic of comfort, ladies, if you’re going to wear heels, please be sure to bring some comfy shoes to change into if your location involves a lot of walking. You and your feet will thank me!



3. You can never be over dressed!

Sometimes I get asked what to wear because they don’t want to overdress. My opinion? There’s no such thing. If you two are in formal wear a lot of the time for work or just in general, go all out for your photos! Everyone is unique and your photos should reflect that! If you aren’t a fan of dressing up fancy, no need to do that either. Wearing a plain top and a pair of jeans can look fancy enough for photos, especially if you are most comfortable in them.



4. Coordinate outfits vs matching outfits

Okay, this is a big one for me. I love a good BRIGHT, COLORFUL, BUSY dress, but if I wear that and then have Mike in a busy, patterned shirt – Holy migraine! You always want to make sure you separate busy clothing with solid clothing or else your photos will be distracting. For couple sessions, this means one should be in plain colored clothing if the other is in a busier outfit. For families, one or two family members can be in patterns, maybe similar patterns, but the others should be in solid clothing. The more people in the photo, the distraction increases with the more patterns. You also never want to MATCH. It’s a cute idea and it looks awesome in theory, but having matching outfits can cause a lack of dimension and seems a bit overbearing in photos. That’s why you should coordinate outfits and not match them. Coordinating outfits can mean similar color palettes and great coordinating colors so you can compliment one another!

PRO TIP: Avoid bright red, it tends not to photograph well.



5. Bring a change of clothes!

Maybe not so much for family sessions since this can be a bit time consuming, but for engagement sessions I recommend changing halfway through. While it’s definitely not necessary there’s a few reasons I recommend it.
First, we will spend quite a bit of time together so having another look will give your photos a lot of variety.
Second, we live in Florida so chances are you will sweat. Having another outfit can give you a cleaner look halfway through and will most likely just make you feel better. Sweat tends to show up in photos depending on the outfit, so this way you have less of a chance of that.
Lastly, adding another outfit can give you totally different photos like I mentioned above, but having another look can really express who you are! Maybe you choose to get all dressed up in a nice dress and him in a suit but while you love to dress up, you are both also really casual people. Now you have nice photos of you all dolled up and also photos of you in casual outfits that can be used for every day use. There’s always a need for both kinds of photos and this tip will give you that! Plus, ladies can go from heels to cute converse in a snap of a finger 😉



6. Utilize your beauty trial

Most brides get a trial for their hair and makeup before their big day but then have no where to go looking all pretty! Schedule your engagement session and beauty trial for the same day so you get the best of both worlds! Plus, you’ll be able to see how your hair and makeup looks in photos in time for your wedding day.




7. Accessorize!

Don’t be afraid to bring props, special trinkets, or get decked out in accessories. Your photos should represent you and if you love a good statement necklace, fancy watch or belt – then wear it! Be sure your nail polish is perfect too!



8. When in doubt – PINTEREST!

Not much of a tip, but it’s okay to go on a pinning spree!


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