Why you should *consider* a First Look

Okay, okay I know- some of you are ADAMANT that a first look is not for you. I get it, I was too. I’m a traditional person AND a superstitious person and we both just did not want it. But we did it anyway and we do NOT regret a single minute of it.

Now before you X out off the page, hear me out. It would be unfair for us as photographers to not at least educate our clients on the benefits of a first look, regardless of how they feel about them. If we somehow convince you to change your mind, we don’t win a prize or get a large sum of money. We get nothing but the very best photos for YOU. Do I have your attention yet? Cool. So let’s go over the benefits of a first look. Just promise me you’ll stick with me until the end. If you still don’t want one, then that’s definitely okay with us, and we support your decision. It is YOUR wedding day after all!

The biggest reason we hear couples are opposed to doing a first look is because they think they will miss out on that “aisle moment.” I can assure you, YOU STILL GET ONE! Only now, you get TWO great moments like this. Let me explain. Even though you’ve already seen each other at this point, when you walk down the aisle, that in itself is an emotional event. But there’s 200-300 people looking at you both. You may be crying, you may just want to tell each other they look great but you can’t….cause like, you’re about to get married and all. A first look provides that private moment together where you can actually TALK to each other. He can tell you just how freaking gorgeous you look. He can’t do that at the alter. I mean I guess he could, but at this point you are FREAKING OUT and you don’t hear him.

Speaking of complete freak out, a first look reduces stress and anxiety! If you know me personally, you know I suffer from an anxiety disorder. If I had not done a first look, I probably would have had a panic attack walking into that ceremony. I wouldn’t have enjoyed that walk with my dad. Since I saw Mike beforehand, I had calmed down, and walking down the aisle was enjoyable rather than stressful. A nervous wreck? No thanks! (Full disclosure, Mike still cried at the alter and he had seen me 3 minutes prior) Okay? We still got that aisle moment we both wanted.

Not convinced yet? Let’s try this one. You get to spend time with each other. on. your. wedding. day. Sounds crazy I know, but without a first look you actually do not get to spend time with each other. You spend more time with Mike and I then you do with each other…we’re cool and all, but who wants that?! Imagine being able to enjoy most of the day together, stress free might I add ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, maybe you’re not convinced yet. That’s okay. Hear me out some more. We all want tons of photos, but without a first look, you actually get less photos. You pay us to do less work essentially. Okay, not really, but that sounded like a good argument for a second lol. We are actually doing more work by trying to get as much as we can in such a short amount of time. (it’s cool, we’ll do it if we have to!) If you choose to do a first look, you will get just about ALL your photos done before you ever see the aisle. What I’m saying is- you get to enjoy your own reception! And your cocktail hour! And spend time together?! And with your guests! It’s crazy. You even get to EAT! You spend thousands of dollars on food and some couples never even eat it because they’re running around trying to get pictures done.

Where my Winter brides at?!?! So #daylightsavings really does not work well for you. There’s less natural light for less of the day, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. First looks help with that as well.

I got one last thing. Is your man a private guy? Maybe doesn’t like to show emotion, at least not in public? So maybe you walk down that aisle and he’s almost avoiding showing any emotion at all, because well, that’s just not who he is- especially with so many people looking at him and all his buddies next to him. With a first look, it’s just you two. He can let loose and really show you what he’s feeling. It’s just you both.

If I haven’t convinced you, then that aisle moment is really important to you and I get that. I respect that and I support you. Either way you choose, one thing is certain- we’re going to get you married!!!

We send all our couples a custom timeline based on their preference of a first look or not and we stress the importance of a timeline. Either way, we got you covered and your day will be as perfect as you are!

Well? Are you #TeamFirstLook? Let me know in the comments!



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